Vena Energy Australia is part Vena Energy, collectively we seek to accelerate the energy transition across the Asia Pacific region by delivering our renewable energy pipeline of solar, on and off shore wind, battery storage, green hydrogen, and hybrid assets.




Latin for the vein which brings blood to the heart for renewal.



Power derived from the utilization of physical resources.

Our corporate mission is to accelerate the energy transition across the Asia Pacific region, and we place the sustainable and affordable development of renewable energy solutions at the centre of our strategy.

We retain our competitiveness through vertical integration of our capabilities and geographical reach of our operations across Japan, North Asia & Australia, Southeast Asia, and India.

Our business model allows us to integrate sustainable and responsible development practices throughout the lifecycle of our projects, while maximising the quality and cost efficiency of the renewable energy solutions we provide to our customers.

We are committed to generating renewable energy that empowers and enriches local economies and communities.

Vena Energy is a portfolio company of Global Infrastructure Partners, a leading global independent infrastructure fund manager in the energy, transport and water/waste sectors. We take advantage of this scale and experience to deliver low-cost, clean energy for retailers and large energy consumers to support continued economic growth and the preservation of our environment in the Asia-Pacific region.




The Wandoan South BESS was successfully commissioned. Construction began for the Wandoan South Solar 1 Project and Tailem Bend Solar Project Stage two, and financial close for both projects were achieved in the same year. Finally, the Bellambi Heights Renewable Project Scoping Report was submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment.