Our Commitments

Our corporate mission is to contribute to the fight against climate change and depletion of natural resources by accelerating the energy transition across the Asia Pacific.

As a pure renewable energy player we play a leading role in decarbonising the economy through the generation of clean renewable energy and we are committed to working with our host communities to preserve the environment and enable local economic development.


Sustainability remains the centrepiece of Vena Energy’s corporate strategy, as we operate to deliver benefits and results to all our stakeholders, including our employees, suppliers, counterparties, investors, partners and, especially, to the environment and to the communities that host our projects. We achieve this by pursuing accretive business opportunities while remaining focused on environmental and social risk management to create lasting value for the environment and for local economies. We are committed to investing in green sustainable projects and activities that drive the transition to a low carbon and circular economy.

We are very proud of our commitment to sustainability and the development of our renewable projects, we detail our yearly achievements in a number of resources, including our Sustainability and Financial Reports.

To further integrate sustainability into how we conduct business, we actively support partnerships and initiatives to advance the sustainability agenda:

The United Nations Global Compact as a strategic policy initiative for organisations commits to align with the ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Vena Energy participates in the United Nations Global Compact global movement to disclose publicly our commitments and progress and to shape the world’s sustainability agenda.

In 2019, Vena Energy joined over 1,000 companies in publicly expressing our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We acknowledge that the implementation of the TCFDs is a journey, and as a new TCFD supporter, we will discuss the impact of climate change on our business at a Board level and will establish our road map to implementing the recommendations of the TCFDs.

As a member of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), we share our experience with over 164 businesses from a range of sectors and regions on designing and using carbon pricing, informing successful carbon pricing policy development and the use of carbon pricing in businesses.

Green Financing Framework

As challenges such as climate change and depletion of natural resources become increasingly evident, the business and financial community have enhanced the scrutiny of their own activities as well as the activities of their counterparties. A growing number of investors and businesses are keen to understand the social and environmental impact of the companies they invest in or do business with. In the absence of an obligation to disclose such information, Vena Energy has voluntarily established a comprehensive Green Financing Framework since 2018, in order to enhance our planning and disclosure practices as well as providing transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.

The Vena Energy Green Financing Framework was independently assessed by Vigeo Eiris and Japan Credit Rating Agency and has received the highest level of assurance by both agencies.


Vena Energy has implemented a comprehensive ESG policy across all its activities in accordance with local and international standards, including:

  • Local environment, health and safety laws and regulations
  • International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards
  • World Bank Group Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines
  • International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

The ESG policy provides guidelines on key ESG-related areas including the selection of investments in supporting the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, assessment of environmental, health and safety and community impacts of projects, recruitment, wages, workplace safety and diversity policies and the monitoring and recording of environmental and social issues. We also firmly believe in engaging with our local communities throughout the life-cycle of our projects, with the objective of enabling sustainable social and economic development locally. We support local employment by creating job opportunities for the members of our host communities and we then focus on training and empowering our employees through the establishment of numerous self-development programs.




Households Powered


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduced in Tonnes


Water Saved in Megalitres


Equivalent Cars Removed from the Road


Equivalent Trees Planted

As of December 2021




Megawatt Hours



Megawatt Hours



Megawatt Hours


Households Powered


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction in Tonnes


Water Saved in Megalitres


Passengers Cars Taken Off the Road


Trees Planted

Updated Q1 2020