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We are determined to be a catalyst in Australia’s transition to renewable energy, and help pave the way for a more sustainable future through the delivery of our 6GW pipeline of renewable generation.

OUR Technologies


Vena Energy Australia is a leading solar energy developer, with assets totalling 95MW in South Australia, and a further 2.5GW currently under development.


Vena Energy Australia is focused on expanding our renewable portfolio of both onshore and offshore wind assets.


Vena Energy Australia is developing the first utility-scale renewable energy storage facility in Queensland, totalling 100MW with an additional 0.5GW under development.


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Tailem Bend 2 Hybrid Project

South Australia
Solar 87 MW | BESS 41.5 MW

Vena Energy Australia’s first hybrid project which is capable of powering 35,000 homes with renewable energy generated from the 87 MW solar farm and will offer reliability to the grid by supplying energy storage through its connection at the Tailem Bend substation.


Blue Marlin Offshore Wind Project

Gippsland Coast, Eastern Victoria
2,000 MW

The Blue Marlin Offshore Wind Project is a proposed large-scale offshore wind farm with a total capacity of up to 2000 MW comprised of up to 140 wind turbines, located off the coast of Wellington Shire in Gippsland, Victoria. The Project is expected to be built across four stages with a capacity of 500 MW and up to 35 wind turbines per stage.

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Wandoan South Solar 1

125 MW

Wandoan South Solar Stage 1 will consist of 250,000 solar photovoltaic panels across 500 ha of the Wandoan South Project site and will have a maximum output of 125 MW. The Project, which is located in Woleebee, will produce 365 GWh of energy annually once operational.


Bellambi Heights BESS

New South Wales
408 MW

The Bellambi Heights Battery Energy Storage System is located in Beryl, a locality within the Mid-Western Regional Council area of New South Wales, approximately 300km north west of Sydney. The Project is deemed to be a State Significant Development due to the capacity of the Project and is currently progressing through the SSD approval process.


Wandoan South BESS

100 MW

The Wandoan South Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is located near Wandoan, 400km north-west of Brisbane in south-west Queensland. The BESS will have a discharge capacity of up to 100MW and store 150MWh of energy, which could power up to 57,000 average homes annually.


Tailem Bend Solar Project Stage One

South Australia
95 MW

The Tailem Bend Solar Project (Stage One) is located near Tailem Bend, 100km south-east of Adelaide in South Australia. The project, which consists of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, has a generation capacity of 95 megawatts (MWac) and will supply power equivalent to the annual needs of 40,000 homes.


Collinsville North Solar Project

150 MW

The Collinsville North Project is located near Collinsville, 90km south-west of Bowen Queensland. The solar project will generate electricity equivalent to the annual needs of 50,000 homes.

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Belhaven BESS

New South Wales
400 MW

The Belhaven BESS is located in the Riverina Region of New South Wales. The BESS will have a capacity of 400 MW, capable of providing 2 hours of storage, contributing 800 MWh of storage capacity to the region. Due to the Project’s capabilities it is subject to the State Significant Development process.

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Wandoan South Project

Solar 650 MW | BESS 450MW

The Wandoan South Project is lcoated near Wandoan, 400 km northwest of Brisbane in the Darling Downs region. The approved Project, which incorporates both solar and battery energy storage technology, was originally approved in 2017.

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