Our Communities

As an emerging leader in sustainable energy development in Australia, we understand that our long-term success goes hand-in-
hand with enhancing, empowering and encouraging the broader well-being of the communities and regions in which we operate.

Vena Energy Australia seeks to contribute to our communities in which we’re currently developing or operating within. We firmly
believe in engaging with the local communities where our projects are situated to encourage mutual capacity building of all parties
involved. The team are focused on targeting those initiatives that improve the communities in which we are established.


To promote community acceptance of our developments, we believe in open and accountable engagement processes and endeavour to interact closely with employees, government, community groups, and other local organisations to improve the relevance, engagement and effectiveness of our corporate social responsibilities. Interaction with our host communities allow us to keep residents informed while taking advantage of their local knowledge to create better policies, programs, services and projects.


Vena Energy Australia undertakes contributions and sponsorship programs to support a range of cultural, educational, sporting,

environmental and social initiatives within our host communities and regions.
Please contact us via the form below if you’d like to investigate potential support for your program or initiative.


Tension Woods College – ‘Renewables Road Show’

Members of the local team facilitated a site tour for 40 Tension Woods College students in 2019; the tour was used to demonstrate an example of a utility scale facility to those students completing a certificate in Electro Technology. The Tailem Bend Solar Project provided an opportunity to witness the grid scale facility including the electrical components and technology required to power 40,000 homes.

Juandah Rodeo Association – Wandoan Rodeo

A key event on the community calendar of the Western Downs Region is the Juandah Rodeo Association’s Wandoan Rodeo; Vena Energy Australia are proud to have sponsored the event in recent years. The Wandoan Rodeo is a community event hosted by the Juandah Rodeo Association, which focuses on celebrating the local Wandoan community, it’s rich agricultural heritage whilst offering a range of family-friendly activities.