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Tailem Bend 2 Hybrid Project

Project Name Tailem Bend Hybrid Project
Technology Solar Photovoltaic | Battery Energy Storage System
Capacity 87 MW | 41.5 MW
Project Size 207ha
Location Tailem Bend, South Australia
Targeted Completion Date Q4 2023


The Tailem Bend 2 Hybrid Project is the second stage of the Tailem Bend Project and is immediately co-located, with the Tailem Bend Solar 1 Project that is situated immediately south of Substation Road. The Hybrid Project incorporates a second solar farm, a battery energy storage system, and the construction of a new bay in the existing Coorong Substation.

Construction of the solar farm commenced in May 2022 and mechanical completion has been achieved. The solar farm is currently in the commissioning phase, with the project team preparing for grid testing.

Once operational, the solar farm will have a maximum generation output of 87 MW of renewable energy, sufficient to power the average annual needs of 35,000 homes, reducing more than 207,000 tons of CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions or the equivalent of planting more than 3.4 million trees. The battery will have a maximum generation output of 41.5 MW and will aim to support the reliability of the South Australian grid by providing energy storage and ancillary services.

The solar farm benefits from innovative technology advancements in solar panel design as part of the second stage including bifacial solar panels that allow for dual absorption of solar irradiance and are mounted on single-axis trackers that follow the movement of the sun, increasing the energy production of the solar farm.

The battery energy storage system will serve as a load and a generator for the network, absorbing energy from the grid when demand is low and discharging energy back into the grid when demand is high. Frequency control ancillary services will also be provided by the battery, to help manage the frequency of the grid.

The Hybrid Project will connect to the National Electricity Market via ElectraNet’s Tailem Bend Substation from the Coorong 2 Substation. 


Upon completion, the Hybrid Project will have a total operational capacity of 128.5 MW derived from the 87 MW solar farm and the 41.5 MW battery energy storage system, where the system will aggregate solar generation and battery storage for the South Australian grid.

Vena Energy Australia’s aim is that through our support of local procurement policies and participation from local, regional, and Australian suppliers, the Project will make a positive economic contribution to local, regional, and national economies throughout the Project’s lifecycle.

The solar farm is currently undergoing commissioning activities with the ability to be fully commissioned in Q3 and the battery is in the construction phase with commissioning expected to start in Q1 2024.

During 2022-2023, the solar farm head EPC optimised on the local employment catchment by directly employing approximately 50% of the workforce from within Tailem Bend, Murray Bridge, and surrounding areas, and 35% from within South Australia, during the peak of construction. The site also saw diversity amongst the crew with approximately 10% identifying as being of Aboriginal descent and were supported by a strong female presence, with 14% of the construction team for the project identifying as female.

Employment & Procurement

Vena Energy Australia supports a local procurement policy and promotes participation from local, regional, and Australian suppliers wherever possible. Register your interest below.

Project Documentation

May 2022

Pre-Construction Newsletter


Vena Energy Australia is committed to delivering world class renewable energy projects that better serve the interests of our communities and stakeholders.

Further to this commitment, we take pride in keeping an open ear, so we invite you to get in touch if you have any feedback or require additional project information, please contact us via the platforms below.

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