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Wandoan South Solar 1

Project Name Wandoan South Solar Stage 1
Technology Solar Photovoltaic
Capacity 125 MW
Project Size 500 ha
Location Woleebee, Queensland
Construction Completion Q3 2023


Wandoan South Solar 1 consists of approximately 250,000 solar photovoltaic panels across 500 ha of the Wandoan South Project site and will have a maximum output of 125 MW. It is expected to produce approximately 365GWh of energy annually, the equivalent of powering the needs of 60,000+ homes. The project is connected to Powerlink’s Wandoan South Substation, located to the south of the Project site. 

Construction commenced in May 2022 and has achieved 99% construction completion milestone in May 2023. The solar farm commissioning is in full swing with the plant exporting energy into the grid for testing purposes. Grid testing is planned to be completed during Q3 2023. 

During the peak phase of construction, February 2023, the workforce was predominantly comprised of skilled members of the Western Downs region, answering for more than 85% of the 270+ crew. The Project has also attained registration with the National Electricity Market and accredited by the Clean Energy Regulator, allowing the plant to export energy to grid as part of grid testing. Commercial Operation is targeted to start at the end of Q3 2023 subject to successful completion of grid testing.  


Wandoan South Solar 1 will increase the capacity of renewable energy within the network following the construction and commissioning of the solar farm, providing another example of how the Western Down’s region can support the transition to renewable energy. 

Since construction commenced in May 2022, there have been on average 150 crew members present per month, of those more than 70% reside within the Western Downs Region. The crew supporting the construction program were also from a diverse range of backgrounds, with an average of 5% of the total workforce identifying as Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander descent across the 14 month program.  

An operational team of 10 local workers will be trained to carry out the operations and maintenance for the Project. Typical day-to-day activities during operations will include maintenance of mechanical and electrical infrastructure, cleaning of solar panels, grass and weed management and firebreak maintenance.  

The solar farm is expected to produce 365GWh of clean energy every year to assist Queensland in meeting its target of achieving 70% renewable energy by 2032. 

Employment & Procurement

Vena Energy Australia supports a local procurement policy and promotes participation from local, regional, and Australian suppliers wherever possible.

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Project Documentation

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Vena Energy Australia is committed to delivering world class renewable energy projects that better serve the interests of our stakeholders.

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