Provide Your Feedback

At Vena Energy we take our commitment to responsible and sustainable development as well as environmental protection and preservation very seriously as we conduct our business of developing and operating renewable energy assets.

In line with IFC Performance Standards, Vena Energy’s grievance mechanism allows stakeholders and employees to raise potential non-compliance or human rights concerns in our operations or supply chain. Our grievance mechanism is managed by an independent third party and concerns can be raised anonymously. These concerns are then communicated to Vena Energy, preserving the anonymity, for us to conduct the most thorough investigation. Employees and stakeholders are assured that their feedback is provided without any risk of cost or retaliation.

“Vena Energy’s feedback channel empowers our employees and stakeholders and gives us an opportunity to create solutions together. It also allows us to uphold our commitment to responsible and sustainable development. Thank you for this opportunity.”
Nitin Apte
CEO & Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee