Tailem Bend Solar Project Stage Two

Project Name Tailem Bend Solar Project Stage 2
Technology Solar Photovoltaic
Capacity 87MWac
Project Size 207ha
Location Tailem Bend, South Australia
Commercial Operation Date TBC


Adjacent to our Tailem Bend Stage One Solar Project, Stage Two (TB2SP) of the project has an estimated generation capacity of 87 megawatts (MWac), with a peak capacity of 118MW. The Project will utilise solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to supply power equivalent to the annual needs of 37,000 homes once completed. The TB2SP includes provisions for a 40MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and will connect to the National Electricity Market via ElectraNet’s Tailem Bend Substation. The $200 million project was endorsed by the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet in November 2017 and was approved by the South Australian Minister for Planning in July 2018.


With a construction budget of $200 million, the project will make a positive economic contribution to local, regional and national economies. Vena Energy Australia supports a local procurement policy and promotes participation from local, regional and Australian suppliers wherever possible. The project will have a peak construction workforce of over 200 with most of the workforce expected to come from the region. A number of permanent staff will be employed once complete. Other temporary staff will be required periodically to clean the solar panels, undertake environmental maintenance, electrical works, fire management and site security. The solar farm will insulate the regional electricity market from fluctuations in fuel prices by increasing the diversity of the energy system. The project will produce clean energy and have no greenhouse gas emissions.


A peak construction workforce of around 200 will be needed to build the Tailem Bend Solar Project Stage Two. These construction workers and their families will require accommodation, food and local services for up to more than a year. The project will provide opportunities for employment including:

  • Earthmoving
  • Civil works
  • Fencing & landscape contracting
  • Electrical & telecommunications
  • Surveying
  • Security
  • Installation & general labour
  • Environment & weed control

Vena Energy Australia supports a local procurement policy and promotes participation from local, regional and Australian suppliers wherever possible.

Following construction there will be a number of full-time and part-time operation and maintenance positions throughout the operational lifespan of the project. Maintenance activities include electrical maintenance, site management and administration, environmental services, weed control, fire management, site security and cleaning of the solar panels.

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Project Documentation

February 2022

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February 2022

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Vena Energy Australia is committed to delivering world class renewable energy projects that better serve the interests of our stakeholders.

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